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Motiving People to be Physicaly Active

An Escape AR Puzzle Game

There are many people that take medication for Depression, anxiety, ADHD, others that have an effect on their motivation throughout the day. Making them tired and only interested in keeping to themselves. I think this is a problem that can be solved with physical activity and make them have a more positive outlook on life. Using methods from Conative behavior therapy, I have found that it is possible to increase motivation in people to be active and think positively.

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Activity Through Day

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Activity Through Day

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Activity Through Day


The Opportunities

I am not going to say that I can relate or put into words how people feel when taking medications for mental illness or disabilities, but I will attempt to make this material as understandable as possible. When some people go through their day things come up that will often discourage them from participating in anything else. Like canceling plans, or going home and going straight to bed. This is a problem and will only perpetuate the condition making it worse. Instead by motivating people to be more physically active can improve the quality of the life they are living. Through my research looking at the daily takes in the workweek I was interested in the challenge of designing for the afternoon. This is a time where they have not given up on doing anything but are starting to influenced by the earlier part of the day. I think there is an opportunity here to design something that allows people to relax, start to think positively and encourage them.


The System of Interventions

The design objects themselves I am looking at a Social AR Puzzle/Escape app that allows players to relax, socialize, be physically active, solve problems, and receive encouraging feedback. There is a lot of possibilities here and can be brought into reality. Another one is looking into analog/static solutions and how to be used to motivate people like taking care of a plant or takes to going out and photographing the world and sharing that. Both of these can require travel and can be a motivation to be active but may not fit into the system I currently have in mind so I am looking into how to play a different way to encourage people to make this AR experience apart of their lives


Hypothetical Results

The measurement of success would ideally be measured by the number of time they think about doing something else but decide to keep going. So they dont give up on the puzzle or mystery and think about the feedback they got encouraging them to take that extra step to be active. This will improve mood and time outside significantly. The points or rewards will be a measurement of success for the individual.

Physical Activity

Physical is expect to increase with the use off this Application, to a hire degree with the encouraging and fun puzzle adventures that they can do with other or them selves


Relaxation would be easier but not a replacement for professional help. You would be taking walk in the woods or imagining you are at sea or even in isolation of space. Different people will find these different experiences and stories more relaxing.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is the challenge that will keep people coming back. Encouraging people to keep taking sets forward to not only to find more clues but to improve their selves.