Coaching people through automation


Works with freight Companies to make train new employees and making the everyday task more efficient and safe, without replacing the autonomy of the worker. through interviews and research 4BY4 developed a augment and simplified system that helps workers new and old work faster and easier.


Visualizing the Problem

After Researching ABF a union company transferring freight across the USA we have discovered that the areas that need the most improvement are:

Navigation and Condition of Forklift.
Locating Pallets
Loading & Unloading Support

We will train new employees using new technology and Teach current employees how to use the technology for their benefit.


The System of Interventions

Navigation and Condition of Forklift. Visibility is difficult Not knowing where or what you forklifts conditions are Finding missing Pallets or Pallets, not in the current area Locating where a Pallet should go Communication Communicating with the Trucker and the Supervisors quickly Talk to other Dockworkers without having to drive to them to communicate Loading & Unloading Support Loading while the easest it can make Unloading difficult if not done right Loading can be done safer and mindlessly with automation/Augmentation Unloading can be faster if you are able to detect the pallet without having to hop off of the forklift